The Men From The Ministry

Missing Information and Recordings

Request for Information:
It is not possible to spend much time with The Men From The Ministry without being affected by their continuous creation of missing and incorrect information. The Ballymuckie Archives just wouldn't be the same without it. The author would appreciate receiving additions and corrections to the information presented in these pages. Of particular interest are details of the original World Service broadcast dates of the episodes remade for the Transcription Service. Please write to Gary Schajer,
Request for Recordings:
The transcripts in the various pages are incomplete because several recordings are missing from the collection or they are truncated or otherwise damaged. If you have recordings of any of the following episodes, please contact the author. Exchange of recordings from The Men From The Ministry or other contemporary BBC programmes is welcomed.
No. Date Title Comment
1/9 25.12.62The Magic Carpet
1/1215.01.63Problem In The Park
1/1322.01.63The End Of The Road
SP 24.12.64A Present For Norman
2/1 25.07.65Pirates Of Lakeview ReservoirEnd missing
2/3 08.08.65The Trouble With CecilEnd missing
2/4 15.08.65Mahboni Lies Over The OceanEnd incomplete
2/5 22.08.65The Man Who Made It RainEnd missing
2/8 12.09.65The Butcher Of GlensporranEnd incomplete
2/9 19.09.65Counter SpiesEnd missing
2/1317.10.65The Day The Martians CameEnd missing
3/1 11.12.66Rebel In Regents Park
3/2 18.12.66A Terrifying WeaponEnd missing
3/7 22.01.67A Gift For Sir GregoryDamaged audio and end missing
3/8 29.01.67A Whitehall CircusBeginning and end missing
3/1012.02.67Getting The BirdIntro music and end missing
3/1412.03.67The Fastest Ship In The WorldEnd missing
4/7 31.03.68Dam Nuisance
4/1312.05.68What Has Four Wheels And Flies ?End missing
5/2 01.04.69A Brush With An Old MasterDamaged audio and end missing
5/3 08.04.69All Play And No WorkDamaged audio and end missing
5/5 22.04.69The Home-Brewed Non-Vintage Bomb
6/9 25.08.70The Pudding From Outer Space
7/2 05.08.71Up Up And Away
7/6 02.09.71Rotten To The CorpsIntro music missing
7/1029.11.71Gone To PotEnd missing
8/4 01.08.72Sorry, Wrong NumberEnd missing
8/5 09.08.72The Desk JobEnd missing
10/3 01.07.74Great GunsEnd missing
10/6 22.07.74Ballet NuisanceEnd missing
10/8 05.08.74A Break For Sir Gregory
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